Our family were fortunate enough to cross paths with both these professional ladies; both have had a very positive impact on our twin daughter’s lives. As parents, we have no doubt in our minds that over the years our daughters have had the best advice possible from both Kim and Shay which is very encouraging as they make this enormous decision. They have both been very supportive and caring to them and following up on each “landmark” in their lives.
– Parent

Joye Day

Knowing that I was interested in pursuing politics in the UK, Kim researched the various routes I could take and introduced me to the idea of participating in a summer programme in Paris as a means of broadening my horizons. This shows her integrity to push me out of my comfort zone, whilst also displaying that she invested sincere interest in my potential to explore the many opportunities in front of me
– University of Newcastle, UK

Kate Lavers

Without Kim’s career assistance, I don’t think I would be here in university with a full scholarship and multiple opportunities in my hands.
– Simon Fraser University, Canada

Vimbikayi Chimuka