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Kim Rodriguez

Careers and University Expert

Cell: +263 787 481 848

With over 12 years of experience in careers and university guidance, Kim worked as the Head of the Careers and University Counselling Department at a private school in Harare, before pursuing a career as an Independent Educational Consultant.

Kim is uniquely qualified to guide students and parents through all aspects of the university research and enrolment process. Having experience from all sides of the desk, Kim knows that finding the right university “fit” is crucial to a student’s success.

Kim has been invited to tour many universities across the world and her personal approach to the university counselling process has been recognised by several leading universities, including being named as a Yale Educator of the Year by Yale University.

In addition to this award, Kim has been a member of the International Association of College Admissions Counselling (IACAC) and was an IACAC full scholarship recipient. Her experiences have ensured that she always puts the student first and operates in a manner that honours integrity and ethics in the university admissions process.

Kim has experience in assisting students with applications to the UK, South Africa, the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe and has also been involved with the training of high school career counsellors.

How We Work


Design the Roadmap Meeting

Students must complete our pre-consult form at least 48 hours before an appointment is scheduled

This consultation will cover:

  • A review of the applicant’s high school profile, family background and personal goals and ambitions
  • A discussion on the applicant’s degree choice and our expert advice of the chosen career
  • An analysis of all grades provided including IGCSE, AS and A level grades and their suitability for the chosen degree
  • Information on the education system in the destination chosen for study
  • Guidance on application timelines and various entry requirements
  • An overview of the application process and documents needed
  • Costs involved and a discussion about the family budget
  • Up to five university recommendations matching the applicant’s personality, degree choice, grades and family budget
  • Passport and visa guidance
  • Roadmap of next steps


Let’s Apply

This will involve the student attending a session to complete the application process with all required supporting documents.

Personal Statement

A two-hour tutorial on how to write a personal statement including a content brainstorming session. Samples essays and up to three hours of editing on 3 drafts.


We will help manage the acceptances (and possible rejections) and aid in the decision making process.

Visa Guidance

The Uni People is unable to process any visa applications for a student. However, we have intricate knowledge into the process and requirements and can certainly assist a student and their parents with information on the visa process.

Departure Consult – You’re off!

Prior to the student leaving, we will spend an hour with the student and parents answering any remaining questions and ensuring all parties are ready and confident for this exciting next chapter.