The Uni People boasts two of the strongest career counsellors who possess a cross-section of experience and qualifications. We are proud of our reputation for quality counselling, personalised services and dedicated support.

Kim and Shay are Educational Consultants specialising in helping students make informed career decisions. We understand that choosing a career path and applying for university is a daunting process and that's why we are here. We assist with identifying career options and finding the ‘best fit’ institutions for each student. We help to remove all uncertainty and confusion from the process and ensure that students and parents are fully involved in all decision-making from start to finish.

Kim Rodriguez

With over 12 years of experience in careers and university guidance, Kim worked as the Head of the Careers and University Counselling Department at a private school in Harare, before pursuing a career as an Independent Educational Consultant. Kim is uniquely qualified to guide students and parents through all aspects of the university research and enrolment process. Having experience from all sides of the desk, Kim knows that finding the right university "fit" is crucial to a student's success. Kim has been invited to tour many universities across the world and her personal approach to the university counselling process has been recognised by several leading universities, including being named as a Yale Educator of the Year by Yale University. In addition to this award, Kim has been a member of the International Association of College Admissions Counselling (IACAC) and was an IACAC full scholarship recipient. Her experiences have ensured that she always puts the student first and operates in a manner that honours integrity and ethics in the university admissions process. Kim has experience in assisting students with applications to the UK, South Africa, the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe and has also been involved with the training of high school career counsellors.

Shay Pio

Is a Career Counsellor whose approach is highly personalised and involves getting to intricately know and understand her students. Shay did her training and qualifications in London, where for nine years she shadowed a leading Occupational Psychologist. Since returning to Zimbabwe six years ago, Shay has offered Career Counselling to students across Zimbabwe. She uses a one-to-one and in depth approach, where she builds strong lasting relationships with her students. Shay hand holds her students for years and is in touch with them post university and into work. Shay uses a two-fold approach in her career counselling programmes;
1. She uses psychometrics to understand the raw ability of her student as well as their core interests.
2. Shay places huge emphasis on getting to know her students and spends time talking to them about their dreams, fears, aspirations and motivators. Shay recognises the need to ‘get under the skin’ of her students in order to provide them the best possible career options for them. Shay’s background also saw her provide recruitment and HR consulting to clients both in London and now in Zimbabwe. This positions Shay in a unique position to offer career advice from the standpoint of also understanding various industries, hiring requirements, salary levels, degree recognition and employability.

For years, Shay and Kim have worked together assisting students in making the best decisions for their future. Together, Shay and Kim are a formidable team that combine a vast wealth of experience, knowledge and insight. Most importantly, this duo team are absolutely passionate about helping students and the core values of The Uni People centre on their commitment, integrity and ongoing support to their students.

As The Uni People, our ethos is to offer unbiased career advice that is underpinned with integrity and the highest level of professionalism, while catering exclusively to the needs of our students. Therefore, we do not put pressure on students to only attend our portfolio of partner universities but will assist them in applying for the best possible student-university fit, independent of whether we represent that institution. Having worked on both sides of the desk, we recognise the need in Zimbabwe for a well-rounded careers service.